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Effendy Rahman Bin Abdullah

Effendy Rahman Bin Abdullah

Started off as Kitchen Helper in preparing Therapeutic diet for patients in reputable Hospitals and later moved into International 5-star Hotel properties.

Within the 6 years of working, Chef Effendy had trained in various divisions of the culinary disciplines. His experience thru his learning in college had helped him to pursuit on this unique career. He now manages a section of the kitchen in the reputable Hotel Royal Penang. His love for pastries and bakery had leaded him to specialize and creates exciting pastries and bakery dishes beside the Western, Malay, Nyonya and Chinese Cuisines daily.

Amongst the awards and achievements that Chef Effendy had received during his career were preparing and serving VIP dinners and lunches for delegates of Rafflessia Gala Dinner, 2nd China Asian ICT Conference, Royal British Theatre troupe, Malaysian Royal Police Annual Dinner, Chief Minister Annual Dinner and MSC IAP Annual Dinner on board of Penang Ferry to name a few.

Date Written : 7/13/2010 5:18:20 PM
Category: Local Chefs

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chefrisha said
pastry... E&O... HEHEHE

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